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Technological innovations are transforming medicine and healthcare systems. This change is not just in how we administer medicine, but also in how we learn it. In imimx, we believe that medical simulation is the best chance to have specifically designed tools with realistic and assessable environments for developing skills and a better immersive learning experience



To enhance healthcare systems outcomes by reducing the rates of preventable deaths, injuries, complications, and, costs that result from medical errors and inefficiencies by developing innovative and unique training tools for the improvement of clinical skills



To make medical training simulation more realistic, anatomically accurate, and economically affordable for every medical staff to improve their performance and excel in their skills



To continuously design, develop and refine products using evidence-based knowledge and meticulous identification of the crucial areas of the work that should be covered involving the best methods and resources and helping in creating a better training experience



About Us


Egysim was established in 2018 by Dr. Mohammed Heriza and his colleagues who worked together for many years as international instructors in multiple medical training courses. They spent more than five years developing and testing different products and materials.  

Associated with the emerging manufacturing technologies and rapid changes in the healthcare and economic systems. It was time to think about innovating and developing more realistic and cost-effective training tools for all medical students, especially for those who can’t afford them. And this is where their passion came from.

All of that was crowned by creating a much bigger and more advanced version of Egysim that not only takes care of medical education but also creates a more immersive learning experience using virtual, extended realities and artificial intelligence. Now, it is time for imimx


About Us



After one year of meticulous evaluation and assessment of various specialists and training centers all over the world. Our models now are internationally known for being very realistic, durable, and affordable. We are now privileged to have customers from Egypt, the USA, the UK, Spain, Greek, Turkey, Tunisia, UAE, Singapore, India, and Bangladesh. With them, we’ve brought international experience and knowledge into our business.


About Us



With vast advancements in manufacturing modalities and expanding use of simulation training. We learn how to bring state-of-the-art technologies to the consumer market instead of introducing an expensive technology with a limited field of applicability. We believe we can make the biggest impact on helping save lives through our efforts to improve educational efficiency and local implementation.






About Us

Dr. Mohammed Said Heriza

(Head of Business Research and Development)

Dr. Mohammed brings many years of both practical and educational medical knowledge to the team. With more than 10 years of experience in product designing, he leads a team of developers who bring concepts and designs to life, from both internal teams and partner clinicians all over the globe. Mohammed’s insight into customer needs ensures that imimx products always exceed customer expectations. His passion and dedication always drive him to innovate and develop products that help save lives.


About Us

Ms. Hanem Said, Mohammed

 (Technical Officer)

Ms. Hanem brings over seven years of experience with electronics and embedded systems development. She has incredible strength, combining creativity and technology, which creates valuable cooperation with our industrial design and engineering teams. She holds a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering.


About Us

Mrs. Doaa Amr

 (Supply Chain Officer)

As Head of Supply Chain Management, Ms. Shahenda plays a key role at imimx. She brings her professional experience in logistics and lean supply chain management to lead our team in Egypt. Besides that, she provides technical advisory support regarding waste management through reducing our consumption of materials, encouraging re-use where possible, and promoting recycling and the use of recycled materials


About Us

Mr. Ahmed  Aboshosha

 (Quality Officer)

Mr. Ahmed pays a high level of attention to detail, thoroughness in making initial assessments, and attention to the conduct of subsequent monitoring activities and record-keeping in addition to developing standard operating procedures, audit report databases, and templates. With the experience of more than four years in quality management in one of the biggest industrial groups in the Middle East.


About Us

Mr. Ahmed AL Saey

(Graphic / Web Designer)

Mr. Ahmed is a web & graphic designer working within the Business Development team. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in Egypt. Following this he completed a certification in Web Design & Graphics from…. etc. He works closely with the team to ensure that people have the best experience exploring the imimx website and learning about our capabilities



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