Torso Burned
Torso Burned
May 8, 2021
Thigh Wound Packing Trainer
Thigh Wound Packing Trainer
May 9, 2021
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Bullet Wound Packing Trainer

98.00 $

Realistic bullet wound with bleeding function caused by a large gun caliber, ideal for training the wound packing procedure


Serial Number: MT0053

Dimension: 12.5 x 10 x 5 cm

  • This affordable and realistic Wound Packing Simulator is ideal for emergency training and the simulation patient program.
  • The Simulator is made of a high quality and very durable silicone that simulate human skin and tissue. Common hemostatic wound pads can be used.
  • We recommend to use our washable, non-staining artificial blood with the simulator. The trainer is fast and easy to clean after use.

The package contains:

  • Wound Packing Simulator
  • Powdered artificial blood (mix with warm water)
  • Bottle for fake blood
  • Connecting Tube

This manikin can be ordered in various skin tones. 



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