Mandibular implant dental training model
Mandibular implant dental training model
April 8, 2021
Closed Femur Fracture
Closed Femur Fracture
May 8, 2021
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Open Fracture Trauma

80.00 $

Highly realistic silicone training kit used for first responders, medics, and medial training personnel around the world


Serial Number: MT001

The most realistic and versatile trauma sleeves.

Our trauma sleeves look and feel realistic. They are made with soft, skin-like silicone with embedded mesh for added strength. The back has a separate backing fabric. The backing fabric makes it easy to adjust the sizing and application. Many of our sleeves can be used in various places on the body or manikin.

This sleeve can be ordered in various skin tones. 

How to use imimx Sleeves:

  • Wrap around the skin of the body or manikin. Apply the sleeve to the actor or manikin.
  • You can hide edges with clothing or bandage, matching the scenario.
  • Bruising, additional blood, and/ or dirt can be added and easily removed from the skin and silicone.

imimx Sleeves, are created with a very soft and durable Silicone with a mesh backing. They are designed to fit most SPs and some Manikins. Each product has been hand-painted to create an original and realistic design.


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